Simply Stylin' Uses



Silicones are famous for adding shine to the hair. But because Simply Stylin’ is made of pure silicones, the effect is even greater. There are no added ingredients to get in the way, so Simply Stylin’ leaves your hair with a brilliant shine that lasts throughout the day. Just add a few drops of Silk Serum or mist Light Silk Spray on the hair after styling to achieve desired shine. 

Strengthen Hair Shaft

Regular use of Simply Stylin’ will strengthen the hair and reduce the shedding that occurs during combing and brushing. That’s because the Simply Stylin’ formulations are designed to coat and fortify the hair shaft to protect it from outer damage. This leads to longer hair and healthier hair.  Simply apply Silk Serum or Light Silk Spray regularly to the hair before combing or brushing to strengthen the hair against damage.